When investors look at a company and decide whether to invest, they look at financial data, metrics like sales growth, profit margin, market share, cash flow. We believe that they are fundamental but they are not enough. 当投资者考虑一家公司是否值得投资时,他们会关注其销售增长、利润率、市场份额和现金流等财务数据。我们认为这些财务数据十分重要,但并不充分。

Investors should also look at performance metrics in what we call ESG, Environment, social and governance. Do you remember these cases? ->Volkswagen’s emission scandal, Facebook’s data privacy breach and Enron’s wrong conduct 投资者同时也应该关注衡量公司ESG方面的信息,即环境(environment),社会(social)和公司治理(governance)。还记得这些案例吗?大众汽车的排放门丑闻,脸书的用户隐私泄露事件,还有安然的造假事件。

These show the close link between financial performances and ESG. So, you can see sustainability is fundamentally changing the game for business. Some companies will adapt and succeed and others will fail. If you are an investor, you should really think about who those winners and losers will be. 这些案例都说明了公司财务表现和ESG之间的紧密联系。所以,可持续发展正从根本上改变商务规则。有些公司去适应这些新规则并成功了,有些却失败了。如果您是投资者,您应该认真思考,哪些公司是赢家?哪些公司是输家?

We are convinced that more winners are expected to pop up from the Chinese market given the government initiatives in the environment, social and governance fields and corporate voluntary endeavors to catch up with this global trend. 我们坚信中国市场上将出现越来越多的赢家,因为中国政府在大力倡导环境、社会和公司治理,公司也在积极尝试跟上这个国际趋势。

To enable investors to make the best decision in the Chinese context, Susfinteq is empowered by the artificial intelligence technology to automatically analyze ESG data from external news, internal reports and management engagement to generate ESG assessment scores of Chinese public companies. 为了让投资者在中国市场做出最好的决策,山水慧利用人工智能技术根据外部媒体源、公司内部报告以及参与性沟通来分析ESG数据,并且自动化生成关于中国上市公司的实时动态ESG评估指数。

Our vision is that Everyone can make sustainability investment. The reason? As Mark Twain put it:” Plan for the future because that’s where you’re going to spend the rest of your life” 我们的目标是人人都可以投资可持续发展。为什么?马克吐温给出的答案:为己未来,早做打算。