At WeChat search, clients can input "ESG小智库/SusWatch", then you can directly login it, and clients will apply it for tracking ESG pressure in a real time in term of gaining valuable reference for investment and risk management decisions; clients can also input “ESG小诸葛” at wechat search, then login "ESG小智库/SusWatch" by entering "NEW智库”, in addition, clients can access the ESG policies and training programs.


ESG knowledge and policy

Our mobile platform shares ESG knowledge and relevant policies for clients to learn the ESG concepts and value of sustainability/ESG investment.


ESG Pressure

Our ESG pressure will assist you to practice sustainability/ESG investment, reduce loss and gain higher return. When ESG pressure increases dramatically in the same sector, the possibility of stock price drop will increase. So clients can protect the return by avoiding the selection of companies with higher ESG pressure for investment decisions.


ESG Issues

Our ESG issues analysis shows clients about material ESG issues and negative news for listed companies, which serve clients to understand the dynamics of ESG information in the market.

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