Clients gain the real time and quantitative analysis of ESG information (negative) for Chinese listed companies (coverage of CSI 300 and Oversea)


Real-time and historical review of ESG Pressure value

SusLytics clearly presents multi-level information such as the real-time ESG pressure value, peak ESG pressure value and rating of the month, peak ESG pressure and rating semi-annually. Clients can review negative ESG information disclosure that have material impacts on the company. The trend of ESG pressure value can also provide insights for clients to judge the impacts from the externally negative ESG disclosure on the company's market value


ESG Issues Analysis

Clients can review the ESG classification and statistical analysis of the selected company ’s ESG-related negative incidents. Clients will gain a clear understanding of the company ’s major ESG issues in environmental, social and governance dimensions, so as to fully recognize the sources of the company ’s ESG pressure externally. Such insights are key for successful investment and risk management decisions


ESG Benchmarking analysis

Clients can choose a group of companies to compare ESG pressure values. Investors usually use financial or industry criteria & indicators to pre-select a group of candidate companies. When further ESG investigation is needed to shorter the candidate list, the company's ESG pressure value benchmarking analysis tool can help investors find companies with better ESG performance and obtain higher probability of receiving financial return


Market value analysis

Clients can retrospectively review and compair the changes in market value with the changes in ESG pressure values of selected company in a period of time, to explore the correlation in depth

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*The quantity of listed companies tracked by SusLytics continues to expand over time. SusLytics covers companies from CSI 300 as well as major Chinese companies lised in oversea stock market,Please contact us for further information or inquiry!